Tegu : Stunt Team

Posted: Jun 05 2015

Introducing Stunt Team by Tegu!

This adventurous quartet  is most comfortable driving fast and flying high! Endless hours of play will ensue, just add imagination! Each set has its own unique personality and brings something different to the table.  


Daredevil - 12 pieces 

This  finely-tuned racecar is ready to let loose! With four magnetic wheels and dozens of possible block creations Daredevil will never back away from a challenge. 

Jumper - 25 pieces

The perfect captain for Stunt Team, Jumper is the oldest and wisest member of the team. The possibilities are endless with Jumper! Turn him into an equipment truck, motorcycle, or create your own custom vehicle! 

Looper - 7 pieces 

The always moving  Looper flies circles around the rest of the Stunt Team! Being the most energetic member of the team, he sees life from a different point of view -- upside down! 

Skyhook -17 pieces

This Stunt Team member feels at home dangling from a cable high above the other members on the ground! Although, when the time comes Skyhook comes with four wheels and is ready to go! 
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